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Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez



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Inspire Your Students
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to Reach for the Stars!

"Adventure, determination, danger, perseverance - this is one unbelievable success story! Motivating and inspiring!"

Stephen Covey - Author of "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People"


Looking for a dynamic program for your students and staff?        

A program that will deliver results long after it is over?                         

Would you like to have outstanding test scores this year?

The Olympics are about the power of the human spirit. About being willing to work hard, overcome fears, triumph over pain, and conquer mountains that seem insurmountable. The Olympics showcase the best qualities in humankind and inspire others to follow their dreams.

As an Olympian Ruben feels a responsibility to "light the fire" in others. To inspire the next generation to chase their dreams and never settle for less than their full potential. However, Ruben doesnít want to just inspire them. Ruben's goal is for them to understand that poor choices like taking drugs, smoking, or associating with the wrong crowd, will keep them from achieving their goals. His other goal is to teach students simple techniques they can use to excel under pressure. For example, when they are taking tests.

Ruben's story is a vehicle that helps young people learn life lessons. 


 Click here to Read about Ruben's visit to Colorado Youth


"I am always amazed at how students will listen and believe just about anything an athlete tells them. For that reason, I make sure to lace my story with the principles of success that helped me on the road to the Olympics. After our time together, I believe both the kids and I are better for it."

                                                    Olympian Ruben Gonzalez


Ruben can present to your students in either English or Spanish.

  • Staff Development

  • Student Assemblies and Leaderships

  • Honor Society

  • Freshmen Orientations

  • Elementary through College



Ruben's Olympic Photo Albummotivational speaker Rube Gonzalez

A picture's worth a thousand words. Over the years, Ruben has taken his camera to over 30 countries. Take a look at some highlights from Ruben's road to the Olympics... (more)



What Educators are Saying about Ruben Gonzalez...


"I was there when Ruben spoke to my son's 5th grade class and he inspired all who heard his message - even the teachers."

                  Matt Musil - CBS Sports Anchor/Reporter



"Wow! You were so inspiring and motivational. The students were 100% in favor of your return. That's an incredible rating! 

We were very proud to claim you as a Partner in Education exciting students to be the best they can be and to dream BIG dreams."

Nancy Rose -  CYFair ISD



"I'm delighted with the impact Ruben had on our young people. Ruben led our young people to a level of commitment to leadership not previously experienced. 

 Ruben continuously related his personal experiences to our specific goals." 

Peggy Blair - Katy High School



"My school thoroughly was mesmerized by Ruben's presentation. My students were given hope to venture beyond the box. He inspired them and he made them understand that perseverance is the the key to their futures.

Do not give up is the common thread throughout Ruben's speech. The students in this rural area of Texas really did get a lot out of Ruben's experience and humor."

Barb Winston  - Hart  ISD Counselor


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Learn more about Ruben's background here...



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Olympic Motivational Speaker

Ruben Gonzalez

Salt Lake City Olympics - 84 MPH - click here



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