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Ruben Gonzalez

the Luge Man

Three Time Olympian        Peak-Performance Expert         Motivational  Speaker


Olympic Motivational Speaker Ruben Gonzalez.

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What Educators Are Saying About Ruben


"Your power of influence made a lasting impression on the students. The students were in total awe. they sat on the edge of their seats to capture your every word. Seeing you gave them the hope and belief that they too can accomplish greatness."

La Faye Lee    
Director of Academic Achievement - Cy-Fair ISD



"Ruben presented a fantastic program. His energy level mesmerized the students and inspired them to be their best."

Keith Palmer - Principal - turner Elementary



"Your speech was powerful. The students listened to you with their ears and their hearts and for that I thank you."

Christine Somia - Ault Elementary



"Ruben is an outstanding speaker. He not only motivated the children, but also the adults. Many parents and teachers came up to me throughout the day to let me know how much Ruben touched their lives. We would love to have him come again next year."

Melissa Morrow - Ault Elementary



"Thank you for your awesome presentation!"



"Ruben related really well to the students. From reading (the children’s) thank you notes, I can tell many were inspired to follow their dreams. The kids are still talking about how "cool" the presentation was."



"Ruben had a great rapport with the students. He kept their attention very well. The children were very interested in what he had to say. By meeting Ruben, the children realized that "real" people can set goals, follow their dreams, and succeed."



"Ruben spoke at the children’s level. He was a superstar to our students." Listening to Ruben will impact the children. They will be inspired by him…who wouldn’t! Ruben shows that anything is possible. You could see the sparkle in his eyes."



 "Ruben was terrific. Our students enjoyed hearing his story so much. It is no wonder he is so successful. It is obvious that Ruben is on top of his game."



"Listening to Ruben will make our kids strive to be their best because he is a living example of someone who worked hard and stayed focused. Now our children know that even a very hard goal is achievable."



"Knowing Ruben dreamed about the Olympics all his life and it was not until adulthood when he accomplished his goal is phenomenal! Ruben’s story lets the kids know they can do anything as long as they don’t quit when the going gets tough! I thought it was great. It was motivating for me!"



"Ruben has contagious excitement. The students were very excited when they returned to class. They talked about several of the things Ruben said. They are starting to see that if you believe in yourself the sky is the limit."



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Olympic Motivational Speaker

Ruben Gonzalez

Salt Lake City Olympics - 84 MPH - click here




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