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The Secret of Champions: The Inner Game

Whether you are a sales person, artist, professional athlete, CEO, entertainer, or homemaker, imagine doing your job in front of a crowd of thousands of people totally fixated on every move you make. You are gazing out at a packed stadium with confidence, knowing that every decision you are making is thrilling the lives of those watching you.

After you are done with your job, you face a standing ovation, watching as a section of the crowd rushes to get your autograph, shake your hand, hug you if they can, and become your fans for a lifetime. You sign autographs until, all of a sudden, you are called to receive your day’s paycheck. You look at it and it says “One Million Dollars.”

Now imagine this is not just once in a while but happens on a regular basis on most days. As more and more people find out about you, sponsors consistently compete over your representation, as you become a standard of excellence.

Have you ever wondered why some people go on to become regular peak performers while others with similar talent struggle just to survive?

No matter how old you are, your history, education, or type of work you do, your potential is mostly unused. We are all driven by a deep inner longing to fulfill our potential but few of us know how to do it. This is the same as the professional athletes who never get to realize their ultimate dreams despite having the same talents as the athletes at the top. They may think they know what they need and want, but they only get to have occasional glimpses of their true potential and are consequently left with more frustration than fulfillment.

Listen to this secret…

Regardless of the field they are in, peak performers recognize the vital importance of their inner game - focus, patience, clarity, creativity, and persistence under pressure. They recognize the importance of matching their inner depth with their behaviors (i.e., walking their talk). As a result, they often hire experts who can guide them to achieve at the highest levels of their particular arena. If you want to maximize your potential, you must understand that the most important factor is your ability to remain focused when the going gets tough. To do this, you have to train your mind to remain clear, calm, and creative when your body is tired, you are out of breath, your sweat is blurring your vision, or your frustration is telling you to quit.

Most people never work on their inner depth because they believe it is their behavior that makes the main difference. This is a huge mistake!

Remember that the most important difference between the champions and the wannabes are not the outer behaviors. Although they are important and certainly play a role in the creation of success, the fundamental difference between regular peak performers and the ones who never get to fulfill their dreams is their ability to let go of their inner blocks and welcome glory without resistance.

In order to reach higher levels of performance, it is imperative that you spend more time cultivating your inner strength. How many hours of your day are you spending on work- related matters? On things that you need to accomplish to get your work done? Now, how much of your day do you spend cultivating your inner strength? If you see a great discrepancy here, you know the direction you need to take. No matter what you are interesting in creating in your life, your ability to match your inner depth with your outer behaviors determines how far you can reach.

Remain focused, clear, and calm.

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Olympic Motivational Speaker

Ruben Gonzalez

Salt Lake City Olympics - 84 MPH - click here



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