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  Weichert Realtors


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  O'Keeffe & Swartz


  California Casualty


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Motivational Speaker "Ruben speaks from both his head and his heart, and inspires ordinary people, convincing them they can do extraordinary things.  Ruben is persuasive, enthusiastic and very real. Invite him to speak to your group and you will be glad you did."

  Zig Ziglar -  Motivational Speaker and Teacher and author of See You at the Top (more)




Motivational Speaker

"Ruben's story of hard work, dedication and commitment - leading to success in the greatest competition in the world - is inspiring and uplifting in a wonderful way!"

  Brian Tracy -  author of Million Dollar Habits




Motivational Speaker"This is one unbelievable success story! Ruben's story is motivating and inspiring!."

  Stephen Covey -  author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People




Motivational Speaker"If you will read The Courage to Succeed or listen to Ruben speak, your life will change for the positive!"

  Lou Holtz -  Motivational Speaker, Legendary Notre Dame Coach and author of Winning Every Day




Motivational Speaker"Ruben's authentic, he's done it, and he's just like each one of us. You need your team to get Ruben's story of Going for the Gold!"

  Denis Waitley -  Motivational Speaker and author of The Psychology of Winning




Motivational Speaker"Ruben will fill your people with the intensity and desire to be their very best. Your company deserves to hear him and his message!"

  Tom Hopkins -  Speaker and Author of Mastering the Art of Selling




Motivational Speaker"Ruben's book The Courage to Succeed is filled with excellent advice. Apply it's teachings and watch your life change!"

  Ken Blanchard -  author of The One Minute Manager




Motivational Speaker"Ruben's thankful spirit makes him one of the most wonderful and genuine speakers I have heard in my life and I recommend him with all my heart to you!"

  Charlie "Tremendous" Jones -  Motivational Speaker and author of Life is Tremendous





Motivational Speaker"Ruben has a unique ability to motivate and challenge his audiences. His compelling story provokes us all to set and reach lofty goals!"

  Jack Canfield -   author of The Success Principles




Motivational Speaker

"Ruben was a light of inspiration on the way to Salt Lake City"

  Mitt Romney -  Governor of Massachusetts, CEO of the Salt Lake City Olympic Organizing Committee





motivational speaker"You will never be the same after reading The Courage to Succeed. It's Powerful!"

  Pat Williams -  General Manager of the Orlando Magic and author of Go for the Magic!




motivational speaker"Ruben's life confirms an age-old truth; determination, faith, and believing in your God given abilities are still some of the keys to personal success.!"

  Wally Amos -  Founder of Famous Amos Cookies and Author of The Cookie Never Crumbles: Inspirational Lessons for Everyday Livin'




motivational speaker"The Courage to Succeed Captures the spirit of the Olympics and reaffirms the invincibility of the human spirit."

 Dr. Robert Schuller -  Founder of the Crystal Cathedral, author or Move Ahead with Possibility Thinking, Host of the Hour of Power (more)




motivational speaker"Ruben hits you with the absolute truth about what it takes to succeed in the real world."

  Jim Rohn -  America's Foremost Business Philosopher and Tony Robbin's Mentor 




motivational speaker"If you search for success, The Courage to Succeed could be the ultimate document for your journey. The Courage to Succeed is your roadmap!"

  Ty Boyd -  Founder of Executive Learning Systems, Past President of the National Speakers Association, Broadcast and Speakers Hall of Fame Inductee




Motivational Speaker"Ruben knows the keys to success. His enthusiasm and positive attitude are contagious!"

  Mark Victor Hanson -  Co-creator Chicken Soup for the Soul




Motivational Speaker"Ruben will inspire you to pursue your dream, equip you to get through the struggle, and encourage you on to victory!"

  Rudy Ruettiger -  inspiration for the blockbuster movie Rudy (more)




Motivational Speaker"Ruben teaches us that once we transform our fear into energy, we begin to transform our dreams into reality."

  Gerhard Gschwandtner -  founder and publisher Selling Power Magazine




Olympic motivational speaker will inspire your audience to better results.

"As an Expert I was Skeptical Until I Heard Ruben's Speech!"

"As a public speaking coach I have become very skeptical over the years about motivational speakers. I am utterly immune to them.

Until I listened to Ruben who does not so much motivates as inspires. Ruben's keynote inspired me and blew me away!"

  LeeAundra Temescu -  noted executive communications coach and author of The Contrary Public Speaker




Don't take their word for it. See for yourself! Call 832-689-8282 and check Ruben's availability!





"Ruben, you have inspired us all to reach new heights, and for that we salute you."

Kurt Ritter - General Marketing Manager - Chevrolet Motor Division









"Your talk was superb! You helped make our conference shine!"

Daniel Ranta- Director, Knowledge Sharing - ConocoPhillips









"Your talk was amazing! You were humorous, entertaining, insightful and inspirational. Everyone thanked me for bringing you in. You made me look great!"

Kathy Best - Houston Division Sales Director - Royce Homes


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"I have received many accolades for recruiting you as our speaker and you truly made me look like a hero! I can't wait to recommend you to some of our other planners as well as to my colleagues in the meeting professionals industry."

Lee Baston - Event Planner Deloitte


click here to read entire letter... (PDF)







"After listening to you, I presented the theme of your message to my sales force. I am delighted to say that sales for the following week were the highest in four months. Thank you for your inspiration."


Jeff Allen President/CEO Integrity Group Financial, LLC.







"Ruben's message was insightful, motivating and inspirational. Ruben stands out a as a role model for all who have dreams and want to learn how to turn them into reality."

Neddy Perez - Shell Oil





National Level Tennis Player

Motivate your children to succeed in life.

Ruben's message helped him get out of a slump!

"I am a tennis player who plays national and state-level tournaments. I was going through a rough time in my training, and was in a slump when my mother suggested that I should listen to Ruben's CD. 

Ruben said a whole bunch of things that ring true in life.

Ruben reiterated plenty of ideals that I needed to get back to, many as simple as believing in yourself

Listening to the CD made me train harder and work harder, and make the Mount Everest obstacles look like speed bump obstacles.

I would recommend any athlete, competitive and recreational, to listen to Ruben’s CD so that they may become inspired as I did."

 James McLane - Green Cove Springs, Florida







"Ruben's enthusiasm for success is simply contagious.  As Executive Director, it's rare, to have audience members seek me out after a program in order to "thank me" for a speakers presentation. As a meeting planner Ruben made ME look like a hero! Ruben will take you to the Olympics and your audience will go home Olympians!"

Joe McCullough Texas Association for Alternative Education






"Ruben was Fantastic! The person who booked Ruben deserves a Gold Medal!"

American Woman's Society of CPA's Member





Dentist Turns his Business around after Listening to Ruben's Inspirational Speech!


Since my husband first heard you speak in October 2005, our lives have never been the same.

My husband was a struggling dentist here in Ohio and attended a dental seminar in Chicago. We really didn’t know what we were getting into but we were desperate for some hope.

My husband flew out on a Friday morning and you were the 2nd speaker of the day. After he heard you speak he called me at home. He could hardly speak, at first I thought something was terribly wrong, but instead he said he had just heard the most inspirational story ever.

I asked him if he was okay? After a long silence he answered…”Yes, everything is going to be just fine. This guy was amazing.”

Ruben, thank you for giving my husband that spark of hope in a world that was so dark.

         Jill Sisson - Walnut Creek Dental, Ohio






"Ruben's presentation motivated our sales force to the point where the entire Dallas Region is excited about conquering all sales goals"


Ces Guerra - Sales Manager - AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals









"Ruben, I felt an electric connection to your message. Your talk is a tuning fork for the soul."


Scott Bayha - Nikken Incorporated







"You were our best speaker EVER! Your wonderful story resonates with people of all ages."


Maryellen Reinhart - Special Olympics Washington







"Your speech showed each and every one of my Team members, that no matter what is happening in our lives, if we believe in ourselves and have a focus we can accomplish anything. Your story of determination and will really inspired one of my strongest Team members. Since our meeting Jeff has focused on what we can write and is now leading the state of Texas in new bank accounts for State Farm. All it took was a different angle. Everyone commented on how excited they were, how eager they were to do anything. Thanks again for sharing your story. You are truly an inspiration."

Matt Schomburg - State Farm Insurance







"Terrific! Uplifting and Inspiring" I cannot wait to  get back to the office to send an e-mail to my two sons and share the "Success Tips" I got from Ruben's Speech. I'd like to see Ruben back next year!"


Sylvia Garcia  - Houston Association of Health Underwriters






A Real Winner's Story


Motivate your children to succeed in life.

This lady's a true inspiration!

Dear Ruben,

"We met about a year ago when you came to give a speech.  I introduced myself, bought your tapes and told you I had just taken up rowing...after years of inactivity and 2 artificial knees.

 Well, Ruben.  I've used your tapes, I've read the inspiration you send...and I will be competing in a 100 mile kayak race September 2 and 3 on the Colorado River from Bastrop to Columbus.  I've trained hard physically since January, both in a kayak and in the gym. 

I'm in the best shape and condition I have ever been in my life.  Your tapes have helped me immeasurably with the mental toughness that I know will be required to paddle for 20+ hours. You have no idea how many times I hear your voice when I'm in the middle of Galveston Bay with 5' swells and a 20 mph crosswind!

 I know I'll finish that race and when I do...at 56 I'll be the oldest female to ever finish it!

 So thank you.  I don't know what the next year's goal will be for me...but The Luge Man will be a huge inspiration for me no matter what it is!”

Cait Pomeroy - Pasadena, TX







"Ruben was very inspiring. He made me think that there really isn't anything I can't do. Come back next year."


Tanya DePrato -  RKIB Insurance Company








"Great job! A Home Run! Ruben's presentation was very inspirational. Me made me feel good about myself."


Sara Tinnin - Humana Insurance







" Ruben, you were a light of inspiration on the road to Salt Lake City." 

Mitt Romney - CEO of the Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee 




All these people can't be wrong! What are you waiting for? Pick up that phone and call to check Ruben's availability!





"Ruben is credible, sincere, genuine, and enthusiastic in his presentations and able to inspire his audience in a remarkable way. Importantly, Ruben has the ability to relate to all age groups and levels of educational achievement in his presentation in an infectious manner that causes them to listen intently and want more."

Arthur Mandry -  General Manager, Knapp Chevrolet





"Ruben's presentation is Invigorating and Energizing. Come back next year!"

Kevin DelMary - Integrated Benefits Solutions, Inc.





"I'll go for my dreams! Listening to Ruben was an excellent experience. I'd like to see Ruben back next year."

Brent Young - Humana Insurance





“Ruben’s personal achievements are inspirational to all of us working to succeed in our personal and business lives.  Our Agents enjoyed Ruben’s program and there were many real estate applicable parallels and takeaways.  Some of which I have applied within my life plan.”

Christopher Tenggren -  RE/MAX Northern Illinois/Sales Advisory   Council – Director of Meetings & Programs





"Ruben's story relates to everyday situations. It reminds you to turn your thoughts to a more positive direction. Our experience was very valuable. Ruben touched and reached a couple of people on my team that I had some concerns about giving up. I appreciate your sharing your gift and talent to them."

Donnisha Spicer - Director of Sales - Marriott 





"Ruben received more favorable comments than any speaker we've had this year. All of the members were inspired by his talk. I would heartily recommend your consideration of Ruben Gonzalez as a keynote speaker."

Gail Stolzenburg - President  Business Network Alliance





"To hear Ruben Gonzalez relate his experiences as he set his goals to compete in the Winter Olympics three times, was exhilarating!  His tenacity, his commitment to his goals and his enthusiasm is enough to inspire even the most disillusioned person to begin a plan of action.  His strategy on how to build a "winning team" that will support and encourage your vision and goals makes a lot of sense not only in the sports world but in any area of our lives!  Thank you Ruben for sharing your dream with us."

Erlinda Portillo -  Hispano Chamber of Commerce de Las Cruces, Public Relations and Special Events Chair





"Awesome! I'm going for my goal - regardless of my age! Very enjoyable - Inspiring champion!"

Margie Grimes - Government Finance Officers Assn. of TX





"Very good! Very inspiring. Reminds you that you can do anything if you really believe in yourself. Great!"

Stacey Anders - City of Mont Belvieu Finance Officer





"Great! Ruben did an outstanding job of motivating me. Listening to Ruben was a Fantastic experience."

Hope Brown - Missouri City Finance Officer





"Fantastic! Ruben's presentation helped me with some circumstances I'm facing. It made me believe in myself. Ruben reminded me that it's never too late to follow your dreams."

Reina Parada - Marriott Hotels




"Ruben's presentation was excellent. A true reminder of the power of positive thinking. Listening to Ruben was an incredible and truly interesting experience."

Chris Weckwerth - City of Mont Belvieu Finance Officer





"Ruben was very inspiring and positive! I enjoyed that his message will transfer to other parts of my life."

June Ryan - Benefit Port Insurance





"Ruben's presentation is dynamic and empowering!"

Alexander Cedillo - Marsh Advantage Insurance





"When I think of Olympic athletes whose competitive spirit would have pleased the Greek gods, I think of Ruben Gonzalez. I do not know of anyone who can inspire an audience to reach their goals like Ruben can. Ruben, thank you for bringing us hope through your motivational message, sharing your vision for our greatness and allowing us to have an Olympic Day!"

Joe Heller - The Samurai Group






"Ruben's energy and zeal really lit the torch in my heart! Ruben is motivational, encouraging and funny!"


Jane Hudson - Health One






"There are not enough words that can express the way your story has made me feel, inspired me, and of course motivated me. I didn't just listen to your presentation, I absorbed every word. Wanting to know more I bought your book, DVD, and CD.

  Whenever I'm feel like I'm starting to think about my challenges, and not my goals, I listen to your CD, and I also imagine your coach talking to me. This gets me back on track!"

Melanie Gilmore








"Fantastic! Ruben was inspiring and funny! Terrific experience. Bring him back next year!"


Rebecca Cawoud - Gallagher Insurance







"Ruben’s a self-made Olympian and only his great desire to succeed in life allowed him to accomplish what he has.

No, he hasn’t won the gold medal yet, and he may never do so… but to know that Ruben and others like him are out there every day striving for that goal…makes this world a better place.

I was there when Ruben spoke to my son’s 5th grade class and he inspired all who heard his message – even the teachers."

Matt Musil - CBS Sports Anchor/Reporter




Still reading? Good for you, readers are leaders!

However, Ruben's schedule fills up fast.

Call 832-689-8282 to hold that date before it's too late!





"Ruben's presentation inspired me to continue to believe in my goals and in what I can achieve. Fabulous! Bring him back!"


Marla Seargeant - Urum Provident Insurance








"Ruben was a Hit! Inspiring! He makes me want to be a better person - to have faith about myself. I learned about the value of life - to fight for what I want."


Marissa Contreras - Marriott Hotels








"Thank you for sharing  your techniques for positive reinforcement with us. We all need a shining ray of hope to guide us through the hard times. Which is what I got from your seminar.

I will continue to read your site and practice the things that you share with us through that site and hopefully I too will become that Olympian that lives in each and every one of us with time."

Andy Mitchell - Excel Telecommunications





"You were awesome! Above all expectations. Thanks so very much---I think Nancy's comment "you're the best I've ever heard" about summed it up. You're enthusiasm (God in you) is contagious. I'm fired up!"

Donna Dawson - Big Planet





"Ruben’s very being exhumes "Wow …. Motivation….Zowee….". Excellent! Inspirational. You have inspired me to stay true to my vision and continue to pursue my goals. I am so glad I attended. You are a terrific speaker!"

Diane Greene –City of Houston





"You give hope for ALL!!!  What a great gift you have, not only in speaking, but to have actually lived what you speak. Thanks for sharing your life........."

Pattye Jordan - Nikken Inc.





"The best speech I've ever heard! I feel totally motivated! Very inspiring! Loved every minute! Great examples! You really have a great gift!"

Nancy Cobb - Nu Skin





"Your presentation was Fantastic! You did a great job on all the topics. You reinforced all the things I’ve always believed about the importance of goal setting, visualization and self talk."

Beverly Denver – Advertising Sales Mgr. Houston Chronicle





"I'm delighted with the impact Ruben had on our young people. Ruben led our young people to a level of commitment to leadership not previously experienced. Ruben continuously related his personal experiences to our specific goals." 

Peggy Blair - Katy High School   





"Your fire and passion is incredible! You gave me many things to think about and to act upon. You are a powerful and engaging speaker. Thanks for sharing your time with us."

Chris Severs - University of Houston




"As I write this I am listening to your audio CD message Becoming Unstoppable! What an inspiring message you have and EVERY time I listen to it - it pumps me up!

Everyone needs to hear what you have to say!  As I was listening to your message it dawned on me that the Luge was your vehicle to the Olympics but it was God’s vehicle to help you help others!"

Larry Erdos - Pittsburgh





"Wow! You were so inspiring and motivational. The students were 100% in favor of your return. That's an incredible rating! We were very proud to claim you as a Partner in Education exciting students to be the best they can be and to dream BIG dreams."

Nancy Rose -  Coordinator of the Safe and Drug Free Schools Program    CyFair  ISD





"Your power of influence made a lasting impression on the students. The students were in total awe. they sat on the edge of their seats to capture your every word. Seeing you gave them the hope and belief that they too can accomplish greatness."

La Faye Lee  -    Director of Academic Achievement - Cy-Fair ISD





"Ruben presented a fantastic program. His energy level mesmerized the students and inspired them to be their best."

Keith Palmer - Principal - Turner Elementary





"Your speech was powerful. The students listened to you with their ears and their hearts and for that I thank you."

Christine Somia - Ault Elementary





"Ruben is an outstanding speaker. He not only motivated the children, but also the adults. Many parents and teachers came up to me throughout the day to let me know how much Ruben touched their lives. We would love to have him come again next year."

Melissa Morrow - Ault Elementary





"Great Job! Your story is very compelling and the hundreds of Aspiring Youth students who heard you were inspired. We look forward to working with you in the future."

John Meredith – Aspiring Youth of Houston





"I really enjoyed your talk this morning - actually it came on exactly the day that I needed to hear it most - thanks for re-lighting a fire that had started to flicker a bit! Keep it burning bright!"

Connie Smith, Owner  Minuteman Press





"You really are what you speak about (a refreshing change from many speakers I've heard) and project that so well to your audience which I believe is why you are so successful in touching others."

Lorna Greenway





"I thoroughly enjoyed your talk.  Your message can never go out style, nor can it be said enough times, since it is one that focuses on the basics for success and hope."

Orlando Montesino CFPTM CPA





"You are living proof that all things can be achieved if you have the faith, determination, perseverance. Thanks for sharing & know you'll be in my prayers."

Janice Rubin -  Landmark Graphics Corp.





"You were absolutely awesome and I look forward to having you back!

Joann Cooper - Inc. Interactive





"We all enjoyed your inspiring talk so much this morning. What a way to jump-start the day!  Yours is the type of message and story all people need to hear. Thank you for showing us how it can be done!"

Joan Portman - The Windsor Club





"Thank you for the incredible presentation! Everyone is still raving about it!"

Ann Hodge - Katy Chamber of Commerce





Ruben is as experienced a motivational speaker as you could ever hope to have. Call today and make your next event unforgettable.

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Olympic Motivational Speaker

Ruben Gonzalez

Salt Lake City Olympics - 84 MPH - click here



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