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Praised by the Masters...


“Adventure, determination, danger, perseverance – this is one unbelievable success story! Motivating and inspiring!”

         - Dr. Stephen Covey                          "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People"


The Courage to Succeed is filled with excellent advice…. Apply its teachings and watch your life change!”

        - Ken Blanchard                               "The One Minute Manager"


"The Courage to Succeed is truly an encouraging work. You will be motivated and inspired to embark on a journey that will take you further than you ever dreamed. Read it carefully... then read it again. Follow the plan that Ruben lays out for you and you will have a life-changing experience."

Zig Ziglar,   Author and Motivational Teacher/Speaker


"No Olympian I have ever met has more of what makes a champion than Ruben Gonzalez. Read and internalize, and you will realize and materialize your own dreams!" 

- Dr. Denis Waitley,   author of "Seeds of Greatness"

Former Chairman of Psychology, U. S. Olympic Committee's
Sports Medicine Council


"Many people fear gravity and exaggerate the gravity of fear. When it comes to competing to win we need to learn how to work with, not against the forces of nature. Ruben teaches us that once we transform our fear into energy we begin to transform our dreams into reality."

             - Gerhard Gschwandtner                              Founder and Publisher, Selling Power Magazine





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"Ruben shares with us the courage we all have inside to rise to the occasion and meet our goals head on. A recommended read for anyone wanting to take charge of their life!"

Mick Moore - (California)

"Finally a book about success written by someone who has actually done it and worked extremely hard to get there. This book is a must read, especially when you need the courage to realize your own life purpose!"

Cornelis Boertjens - (Auckland, New Zealand)

"Ruben's book is simple, easy to read and great to dip into again and again as a refresher.

I keep it next to my bed and pick it up from time to time, open it and get inspired all over again.

Ruben spoke to our staff, wowed them, and they wowed us with the increase in sales! Ruben (and the book) changed my life and had a huge impact on my teenage sons, who are now both scholarship and sports awards winners. Ask them why - they will both say Ruben and his book has played a major role!

I had slipped into mid-life slowdown and read the book in a night. More than a year later I'm still doing what he says and improving all the time. I've shed 12 kgs, my resting pulse went from 84 to 52 and I took one of my sons on a 200 mile cycling safari in Botswana and Zimbabwe - unthinkable for me a year ago. Ruben's book was the catalyst!

Buy it, read it and thank the special man - Ruben Gonzalez!"

Sean O'Keeffe -  (United Kingdom)

"This book can be described in one word "genuine". Ruben, writes from the heart because he has lived through the struggle and achieved success.

As an entrepreneur during these times, the right words of inspiration, direction of ageless principles, and the motivation from someone who knows what it is to be hungry to achieve a dream and successfully arrive, is needed everyday. I will always remember his words and refer his book to others, because hope is what everyone needs. Ruben brings that like no other. I highly recommend this book."

Mauricio Lovato -  (Texas)

"Seldom have I ever read or reviewed an inspirational book that so effectively "hit the nail on the head" as much as the book, "The Courage to Succeed" did!

I purchased enough copies for my entire board of directors and it received rave reviews from them as well.

Ruben is a true inspiration to anyone who has a goal or dream to achieve that they CAN do it!"

Steve Levine - Publisher REAL ESTATE EXECUTIVE Magazine



 "The title says it all - Ruben shares his story of overcoming impossible odds to give the reader a way to overcome an impossible situation and succeed! Ruben is a friend, and I can tell you that he is an inspiration to me personally and to hundreds of thousands of others around the world who have heard his message.

If you've every wondered if success was possible for you; then you need to read this book. No matter what challenges you've faced in your life, now you can apply the principles from The Courage To Succeed to your life and achieve the impossible. Buy this book today, and become an Olympian!"

Joseph Heller - (Texas)

"What a testament to perseverance and determination. Ruben is a man of moderate ability with an Olympic-sized heart and an even larger dream. This book makes it clear that if the dream is big enough, the facts do not matter. If you apply these principles and practices, you too can overcome your greatest challenges. Thank you Ruben!"

Pat Follett - (Texas)

"If you wanted to learn the secrets of success, whether for sports, business, or personal life, would you listen to a 3-time Olympian? I did and as a professional health coach, I've used Ruben's "The Courage to Succeed" to help many clients.

Ruben has shared his secrets of success in his book and now it is our turn to share the information with others. Tell everyone you know to get a copy of Ruben's book."

Gail Stolzenburg - (Houston)

"The courage to see yourself accomplishing that which you have never accomplished. The courage to keep going when all reason tells you to stop. The courage to ask for help. The courage to put yourself out there in the light of day where everyone can judge your effort and accomplishment. The courage to be a father in an uncertain world. The courage to be a husband when you know you really aren't everything she deserves. The courage to climb to the top of a 50 story mountain of ice and hurl yourself off it on a tiny sled in the name of sport.

If anyone ever had the right to write a book called "The Courage To Succeed" It's Ruben Gonzalez. If there were ever a reason to read a book like this, it's Ruben Gonzalez. The Courage To Succeed, I recommend it highly."

Greg Arnold -  (On the beach in Panama)

"THE COURAGE TO SUCCEED is a book that should be on every person's book shelf. If you follow Ruben's example you will surely succeed. The book is one of the best I've read. Also if you haven't heard Ruben speak, you are really missing out. He is a GREAT motivator."

Albert Lee -  (Lugoff SC)


"Ruben Gonzalez writes from the heart his own personal transformation. This book is one you just can't put down until the end. A life changing, motivating, which encourages you to be the very best you can be with clear easy to follow success principals. Dreams do come true. A must read book."

Rosemarie S. Brown




"This book is a MUST read for anyone who wants to succeed in their chosen pursuit. Here's a guy who did whatever it takes. to make it happen. The intrinsic benefit of this book is not just the phenomenal story of Ruben's achievement from benchwarmer to Olympian, but how we can apply these same strategies for our own achievement. From desire to coaching to overcoming fear and taking it to the next level, Ruben Gonzalez has a formula that really works. Just follow it and find out for yourself."

Chuck Douglas - (California)


"This book packs a huge punch because it obviously comes from years and years of the author's hard work and determination. During and after reading The Courage To Succeed, I knew that he was right on the mark. Don't quit, know what you want and go for it with confidence and courage. Ruben Gonzalez is a proven champion and that's why I purchased HIS book over others- he comes from positive KNOWING rather than positive expectation or theory. He's the real deal because he's done it. Get this book, read it and re-read it."

David Corbin - (California)

"I found it easy to read, inspiring, and useful to be reminded how to be persistent and set goals. It's interesting to learn how Olympic athletes motivate themselves. It reminds you how to keep things in perspective."

R. Arevalo

"I have read this book cover to cover couple of times. Still I read when I am down. Just yesterday night, I read it.
Its my all time favorite as its very easy to read book and quickly set you up from fall. Winners do fall but they come back. One of the way is through the book like "Courage to Succeed". I gave this book to a friend and he thanked me so many times."

D. Shah

"My husband and I read Reuben's "The Courage to Succeed" on a cross-country road trip from Northern Colorado to a small Iowa town. Whoever wasn't driving did the page-turning and read aloud. The miles, which normally drag on and on, flew by as we were engrossed with how this young man from hot and humid South America was able to compete and succeed in a WINTER Olympic event.

The book is filled with real-life tales of Ruben's struggles and successes, as well as practical advice on how to apply the same principles in everyday life. This book gave me the courage to step out and change jobs after years of comfort in a job I didn't really enjoy. It also helped me through my recovery after a serious car wreck.

I highly recommend this read, but only if you are willing to make some real changes in your life!"

R. Thurn - (Fort Collins, CO, USA)



"I've had the pleasure of actually hearing this author speak and then read his book. At the time I had just begun a "late in life" adventure into kayaking. I knew I wanted to take this new passion to a new level...Ruben's book was an incredible inspiration for me with positive motivation and very definitive steps to achieving whatever I wanted to "go for!" And I'm actually writing this review as I reread this book...for the third time. Every time I find something new to inspire me.

He's an author that you cheer for and that you know is cheering for you with every word he writes! Read it; have several highlighters handy because you'll be highlighting alot of inspirational information that just jumps at you!"

Cait Pomeroy - (Texas)


"Ruben Gonzalez shares his incredible, inspiring true story of how he was born in Argentina, and moved to the US as a child, knowing no English. Ruben grew up in Houston Texas, learned English by reading books, and was inspired by watching the Olympics. He is now a 3 time Winter Olympian in a sport (luge), which he had never seen or tried until age 21.

Ruben is a captivating story teller, and does a wonderful job of describing how it feels to be on the Luge Sled, zipping down the icy curves of the track at 90 mph. He relates his experiences to our everyday struggles in life, and shows how we can overcome these obstacles with the right mental attitude. When you relentlessly visualize what you want and pursue your dreams with passion, you will succeed!

In my own practice as a Financial Advisor, I have had many slick icy curves of my own to overcome this year, and Ruben's story certainly motivated me to keep going - no matter what. The most important lessons I got from reading this book were reinforcing the importance of belief in yourself and commitment to achieving your goals. Ruben uses plenty of quotes from successful people who have inspired him throughout the book. To quote Ruben - "If you believe, and are willing to take massive action, miracles are possible."

I would certainly recommend this book for anyone who wants more from life."

Dean Voelker - Financial Advisor



"This book is packed with highly useful information, it is pure gold. Anyone who wants to pursue their dreams needs to read this book."

Eden Wynter

"If you need a little extra "ummph" in life, and you don't know why you cannot seem to keep at the same dreams and goals long enough to achieve them, then READ THIS BOOK, because it will actually give you some written testimony of a man who achieved a dream that others said was "impossible."

Stefan Houareau

"First time I read this book , every chapter gave me goose bumps (especially the 1st chapter ).......I was so pumped up, I was ready to act at midnight. Amazing book , you feel a connection with the Author Ruben.

I have gifted this to my friends & family!

Its forever staying in my tiny library!"

Naman Gupta



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